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Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Many years ago a friend gave me some seeds from her deep pink hollyhock plants. They propagated easily and since then I get to enjoy these beautiful, stately flowers in my garden each year. They are biennials, but I alternated the plantings so I have them each year. Unfortunately, Japanese beetles like hollyhocks as much as I do and it's always a challenge to rid the hollyhocks of these horrible beetles.

When I see a perfect flower with no blemishes and no beetle bites, I can't resist picking it and pressing it. Below is one nearly perfect hollyhock, pressed and in an 8 x 10 gold frame. The color darkened in the drying process, but it is still pretty magnificent. I love how the veins show through. It is available for sale by contacting me at

This hollyhock is also available for online sale as a set of 6 notecards in my Etsy shop.

Hollyhock, Pressed Flowers Print by Vermont Pressed Flowers
A perfect, unblemished pressed hollyhock!

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