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Morning Glories

The Answer to an Unsightly Problem

When an ugly telephone pole stands in your front yard, there is only one thing to do; have morning glories climb up it. That's exactly what I have been doing ever since we bought our house 35 years ago. At this time each summer the pole becomes a thing of beauty.

I used to worry that the power company or phone company would have me arrested for obstructing their way to the power lines. But now they have cherry pickers and have no need to climb up the pole...

morning glories hiding a telephone pole
Morning glories hiding an unsightly telephone pole

In addition to hiding an unattractive pole, morning glories are also wonderful for pressing. The flowers, buds, leaves and vines all press easily and without challenge. Very unfortunately though, the Heavenly Blue morning glories (my very favorite) dry to a light lavender color so I have given up trying to preserve the magnificent blue of this variety. Below is a recently completed piece made with the morning glories from my telephone pole!

This piece, on white textured cover stock and framed with a double white mat and wood frame, is now available for sale.

Morning glories, pressed flower art

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