Green Mountain Pressed Flowers

Microfleur Flower Presses

The Microfleur is a microwave flower press. This durable, easy-to-use press dries flowers and other plant material in seconds or minutes. The rapid drying preserves the vibrant, beautiful natural colors of flowers, stems and leaves. Flower pressing is certain to be a success with the Microfleur!
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Each Microfleur comes complete with two platens, 2 clips (4 for max size) 2 wool felt pads, 2 fabric liners and a microfleur guide booklet.
Microfleur (2 Sizes)
    Regular  5" x 5" - $27.00
    Max 9" x 9" - $45.00
Refill Pads and Liners
    Regular  5" x 5" - $9.00
    Max 9" x 9"  - $16.00
Microfleur - Microwave Flower Press

For Microfleur and Microfleur Refill-Pack orders outside of the USA please contact me directly or visit my Etsy Shop.