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Microfleur Flower Presses


Press flowers and make beautiful floral designs fast with the Microfleur microwave flower press. The Microfleur flower press is a microwave flower press that is durable and easy to use for adults and children alike. Unlike traditional methods, the Microfleur dries flowers and other plant material in seconds or minutes. The rapid drying in the Microfleur microwave flower press helps retain the vibrant, natural colors of flowers, stems and leaves.

The Microfleur was first introduced to Ellie in 2003 by the daughter of one of her former first grade students. The first flowers she pressed in the Microfleur were so perfectly flat, unwrinkled, and vibrant in color that she was instantly hooked. She quickly began pressing everything in sight and was energized to create pressed flower art, cards, bookmarks.  A casual hobby quickly became a passion.


The creative possibilities are endless with this flower press! With the flowers pressed in the Microfleur, you can create art, cards, bookmarks, paper, invitations, menus, and much more.

Start pressing your own flowers! Order here:

Each Microfleur flower press comes complete with:

  • 2 platens

  • 2 clips (4 for max size)

  • 2 wool felt pads

  • 2 fabric liners

  • A Microfleur Flower Press guide booklet

Microfleur Flower Press sizes: ​
    Regular  5" x 5" - $37.00
    Max 9" x 9" - $60.00
Refill Pads & Liners:
    Regular  5" x 5" - $12.00
    Max 9" x 9"  - $20.00
Microfleur - Microwave Flower Press

For Microfleur Flower Presses and Microfleur Refill-Pack orders outside of the USA please contact me directly or visit my Etsy Shop.

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