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Pressed Flower Workshops​ and Presentations

Ellie is available to present workshops or presentations to large and small groups on how to press flowers and create art with pressed flowers. She will tailor the workshops and presentations to the needs, desires, and skill levels of each group. Creating pressed flowers art is a fun activity for all ages.
Pressed Flower Presentations (1 hour)
Participants will be introduced to various methods of  pressing flowers, including microwave flower pressing with the Mircrofleur. Ellie’s hour-long presentations are ideal for garden clubs, master garden clubs, garden symposiums, book clubs, and groups of all sizes. Ellie will offer tips for successful flower pressing and share ideas  for creating with pressed flowers.
Custom Flower Pressing Workshop (2-4 hours)
Ellie also offers hands-on workshops where participants learn to work with organic materials and create their own pressed flowers art. Each participant will leave with a finished pressed flowers art product. These workshops are more suitable for smaller groups and require a longer time frame.
If you are interested in learning how to successfully press and create with pressed flowers, contact Ellie at or 802-464-5265.
References are available upon request.


Pressed Flower Workshops | Ellie Roden
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