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​Pressed Flower Art

Vermont Pressed Flowers - 3 Roses

Vermont Pressed Flowers is...

Pressed flower art designed by Ellie Roden. Her work features flowers of southern Vermont delicately arranged into unique designs. Available as cards, prints, bookmarks and framed originals.


Ellie uses only real flowers and plant materials in her original pressed flower art. The flowers featured in her artwork come from her own garden, from the woodlands and roadsides of Vermont and from the gardens of generous neighbors.

Ellie Roden - Pressed Flower Artist

Ellie Roden - Pressed Flower Artist

Ellie Roden, longtime resident of southern Vermont, retired primary school teacher and avid flower gardener, has been creating art from pressed flowers for many years. She has always been intrigued with the beauty of flowers and sees pressing them as a way to preserve their beauty.


Ellie is a self-taught pressed flowers artist who has honed her craft over years of trial and error and careful observation. Her work has been exhibited at shows and in galleries throughout New England and has been featured in two national publications.

Alstromeria Pressed Flower

Exhibits and Shows

Ellie’s work has been exhibited at shows and in galleries throughout New England.

Read about her upcoming shows.

Ellie also offers customized workshops where she teaches groups or individuals how to press flowers. Contact her to find out how you can learn to preserve the natural beauty of your own garden and yard.

Ellie presses flowers in her microwave using the Microfleur. She is a registered distributor of Microfleurs and is happy to ship you your very own.

Verbena Pressed Flowers
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