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C23 - Daisy Wreath
Package includes 6 cards/6 envelopes.

C23 - Daisy Wreath

  • This set of pressed flower cards is particularly striking because the elegant wreath of white daisies contrast starkly against the simple, black background. Ammi majus, ladies, mantel and a variety of leaves and tendrils were added to embellish the daisy wreath.


    Show your loved ones that you care by sending them  thank you notes, special messages, get well soon cards on these beautiful, high quality note cards.  Write your next handwritten note on one of these cards and the recipient will be sure to treasure it always.


    You can also view other designs of Ellie’s pressed flower cards. Ellie’s pressed daisy notecards are sold in packages of 6 cards and 6 envelopes.


    Size: 4¼ x 5½ inches

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