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C3 - Three Roses
Package includes 6 cards/6 envelopes.

C3 - Three Roses

  • If you want to send out a card with an elegant theme, these Three Roses pressed flower cards are for you! The handcrafted card features three pressed roses surrounded by rose leaves,  tendrils, smaller white roses, Queen Anne’s Lace and ammi majus..

    Red roses are a powerful symbol, often associated with love, desire, respect, and devotion. Send this pressed roses card to your favorite person or give a package of 6 cards as a gift.  This note card can also also accompany a wedding gift, or be used as thank you notes by the bride and groom.


    These pressed flower cards come in a package of 6 cards and 6 envelopes. Please also take a look at some of Ellie’s other pressed flower cards!

    Note:  If you would like a package of assorted cards please visit Ellie's Etsy shop or email her with your choices



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