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C49 Jacob's Ladder
 Package includes 6 identical cards/6envelopes

C49 Jacob's Ladder

  • This pressed flower card features Jacob’s Ladder, a wildflower that grows abuntantly in Ellie’s shade garden in springtime. Jacob’s Ladder (Polemonium) was given its common name because the arrangement of its leaves is somewhat ladder-like. However, it's the flowers on Jacob's Ladders' that are the real attraction! Surprise a friend or loved one with a handwritten note on one of these elegant flower cards or give a package of 6 cards as a gift.


    The cards come printed on high quality paper and are sold in packs of 6.

    Be sure to check out other pressed flower cards from Vermont Pressed Flowers. If you would like an assortment of 6 different cards, just contact Ellie with your choices or visit her Etsy Shop for prepackaged assortments.

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