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C48 - Holiday Wreath
Package includes 6 identical cards/6 envelopes

C48 - Holiday Wreath

  • Nothing says Christmas like a red and green wreath. Ellie’s special holiday wreath notecards are made from green leaves, white Queen Anne’s lace and delicate red petals that form a bow. Using handpicked pressed leaves and flowers, Ellie has crafted a new version of a classic holiday motif and printed it on notecards that you can send to everyone you love.


    Whether you choose to use these flower note cards as your family holiday cards, Christmas party invitations or as thank you notes, these flower cards will bring an elegant sprinkle of holiday magic to those who receive them.


    Ellie’s floral wreath cards have a simple, authentic look that can’t be found in the greeting card aisles of the grocery store. Send some to your loved ones today! Or, peruse more pressed flower cards until you find just the right design!  To shop on Ellie's Etsy Shop click here.


    Ellie’s pressed flower note cards are sold in packages of 6 cards and 6 envelopes.


    Size: 4¼ x 5½ inches

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