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Anenome Coranaria

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Pressed flowers from Israel

I confess. These magnificent anenomes were not grown nor pressed in Vermont, but rather in Israel. On a recent visit there, my cousin Rachel had a huge bouquet of anenomes on her dining room table and, with her full permission, I pressed several in a Microfleur (microwave flower press). The results were so stunning, especially the color retention, I just had to bring them home and create a new piece with them. I hope to soon have cards made with this design.

Pressed flower original from Vermont Pressed Flowers

I then created another garden picture featuring the remaining two anenomes I had left, as well as delphinium, lavender, cosmos, salvia, and a variety of small flowers and leaves. This piece is in a double white 16 x 20 mat with a quality gold frame.

Israeli wildflowers

Anenome Coranaria grow as wildflowers in Israel. I was fortunate to have been in Israel at just the right time when gorgeous red anenome were growing in their natural environment. What a sight!

Though it is illegal to pick wildflowers in Israel, next time, I will be equiped with clippers, a container of water and will break the law. Shhhh! Don't tell!

I am so in love with this flower and the variety of colors. On my return to Vermont I immediately ordered 20 bulbs. They will not survive a Vermont winter but if treated as an annual I am hoping to see some blooms this summer.

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