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Beating the Winter Blues

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Is the cold, gray winter bringing you down? Are you weary and depressed from the lack of sunlight, the endless shoveling and needing 6 layers to walk to your driveway? Chances are you have a case of the winter blues...and you know what the best remedy is?


Flowers have the ability to brighten your day and elevate your mood. Studies at Rutgers University have found that merely looking at flowers can induce happiness and reduce anxiety. So bring flowers into your life to chase away the winter doldrums.

Here are 3 ways to bring flowers into you home and lift your spirits:

1. Fill your home with fresh flowers

fresh flowers_ Vermont pressed flowers

Add some colorful flowers to your home or office and you will feel uplifted They don’t have to be expensive flowers. Grocery store flowers are just fine. But make them colorful. You can add more greenery to them to make a small bunch seem fuller. Changing the water often, adding a teaspoon of sugar to the water and cutting a 1/2 inch or so off the stems daily will make the flowers last longer.

2. Make space for floral artwork

Pressed flower art - Vermont pressed flowers

Want something more permanent? Make space on your wall for some beautiful flower art work. If you can't afford a Renoir, consider a painting from a local artist or an original pressed flower piece from Vermont Pressed Flowers. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Just get something cheerful and colorful that will make you smile whenever you look at it.

3. Create with flowers

DIY flower artwork _ Vermont pressed flowers

Try your hand at creating your own flower masterpiece to put on display in your home.

Pick up some paints and a canvas and unleash your inner artist. There are lots of guides and manuals to help you.

microfleur flower press

Try Flower Pressing

Here's another way to create with flowers: Press some flowers from a florist or supermarket using a Microfleur, a microwave flower press. Use the pressed flowers to make cards, bookmarks or fabulous wall art. You'll love the process and the end product.

Click here to learn more about using the Microfleur.

However you do it, bring flowers into your life and notice your spirits soar!

And remember, spring is only a few short months away...

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