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Faded Flowers

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

  Faded flowers by Vermont Pressed Flowers, Alstromeria

Some flowers, no matter what measures are taken, will fade in time. I learned early on in my pressed flower career that faded flowers can be just as beautiful as brightly colored flowers.

Several years ago I made a piece with faded pressed flowers that I rather liked. I matted it but didn't bother with the expense of framing it, thinking it would not appeal to others. How wrong I was. At a summer arts festival it quickly caught the eye of a man who happened to be the curator at a well known art museum in the Berkshires. He said he had to have the piece because it reminded him of his grandmother's sofa.

Since then I have come to appreciate how beautifully some flowers age and that they do appeal to others. Just as with the curator mentioned above, the vintage look might jar one's memory to another time or another person. Often I deliberately press certain flowers just for their faded (vintage/antique) look.

Like What You See?

The piece featured above is made of faded alstromeria petals, embelished with faded geranium buds, meadow rue, leaves and tendrils. The background paper is white textured 100lb. Strathmore cover. The piece is in an acid free double white mat and is framed in a wood frame with conservation glass.

If you are interested please contact Ellie for details.

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