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Gardening Fever

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Though we are still waist deep in snow, at this time of year gardeners turn their thoughts to spring and get itchy to begin digging in the dirt. Flower and garden supply catalogues are arriving in the mail and seed packets are on display in stores and supermarkets. Gardeners are planning and plotting how to make their gardens better than ever before!

I'm looking forward to next Saturday, March 17th, to the annual Western Massachussetts Master Gardeners Symposium in Deerfield MA. where I'm sure I'll get even more eager to begin gardening. It's always so inspiring to be with other enthusiastic gardeners.

In addition to the workshops and keynote speech, I will join other vendors in the gardeners' marketplace where I will be exhibiting and selling my pressed flower art, cards and bookmarks.

pressed flower cards by Vermont Pressed Flowers

Pressed flower cards with early spring flowers will be featured, namely forget-me-nots, johnny-jump-ups and daffodils - cards that are perfect for Easter and Mother's Day.

The Microfleur, the awesome microwave flower press, will also be available for sale. Flowers are pressed, dried, and ready to use in seconds and minutes in the Microfleur. It is suitable for anyone age 6 to 96. Think of all the fabulous things you can do with pressed flowers: make cards, pictures, trivits or decorate candles. The possibilities are endless.

Microfleur, a microwave flower press from Vermont Pressed Flowers

If pressing flowers is not for you, give the microfleur as a gift to someone who loves flowers and wants to preserve their beauty.

Can't make it to the symposium in Deerfield next week? Visit my website for future events. Hopefully our paths will cross in the near future!

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