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Give the Gift of a Workshop

Material gifts are out. Experience gifts are in.

This year, consider giving a pressed flower workshop as a gift to the creative people on your gift list. You can offer it to a friend, a child or a whole family. I will customize the workshop to the recipients, their interests, and experience level.

pressed flower workshop gift card

Ellie will guide participants through the tradition of pressing flowers.

Here's what each flower pressing workshop includes:

  • Each participant will take home their own unique piece

  • Learn how to press flowers with a microwave flower press and save them to use in future projects.

  • Workshops can be tailored for individuals or small groups.

  • No experience necessary.

  • All materials will be provided.

The workshops are all led personally by Ellie Roden, floral artist and owner of Vermont Pressed Flowers. She'll offer tips about what types of flowers to work with, how to pick them, and how to get the best results when pressing them.

Your friend or family member will learn:

microwave flower press microfleur
  1. Best flowers for pressing

  2. When to pick flowers and leaves

  3. Various Techniques and methods of flower pressing

  4. How to store pressed flowers

  5. Ways to create with pressed flowers

pressed flower workshop at VT Pressed Flowers

During the workshop, Ellie will demonstrate her techniques for pressing and arranging flowers. She'll also show samples of pressed flower art. Then participants will get to create their own unique pressed flower artwork, on cards, bookmarks or large frame-able pieces.

Contact Ellie to purchase a gift certificate or schedule a pressed flower workshop.

It could be the very best gift you have ever given!

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