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Good Luck Found at Open Studio

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

pressed flower art from Vermont Pressed Flowers

Thank you to everyone who attended Open Studio last weekend. It's a wonderful opportunity for visitors to personally meet the artists and see the artists at work in their studios and work spaces.

But it's a wonderful opportunity for artists also, to meet some special people. Over the years I have made some amazing connections at Open Studio and have had some really awesome experiences.

The highlight of this year's OS involved a 6 year old girl from Connecticut who admired, and almost longingly looked at the above piece hanging on display in my studio. She asked if they were 4 leaf clovers and wanted to know where I had found them. Her mother explained that all her life, wherever she goes, the little girl has been looking for a 4 leaf clover but with no success.

While completing a credit card transaction with the mother, the little girl went outside and quickly came back in just bursting with excitement. She had found a 4 leaf clover just outside my studio door! It was quite amazing! We quickly pressed the clover in a microfleur and glued it onto paper. She left my studio that day, one very, very happy little girl.

It's experiences like this that make Open Studio such a very special and worthwhile event. To see where Ellie's art will be next, view her upcoming events.

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