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Traveling Abroad? Bring the Perfect Gift

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

They'll love receiving it... You'lll love how it fits in the suitcase!

pressed flower notecards from vermont pressed flowers

Notecards and bookmarks from Vermont Pressed Flowers make the perfect gift to travel with. They're affordable, lightweight, and easy to stuff in your suitcase.

Choose pieces made from flowers that grow in your region or even in your own garden. Then, each time you give someone a card or bookmark, you are sharing a small piece of home.

Leave a gift that will be remembered and treasured:

- Say thank you to a host - Tell someone just how much they mean to you - Surprise a new friend with a special gift unlike any they've received.

On your next trip, bring along a package of 6 notecards made from Vermont pressed flowers. They are very easy to transport and suitable for framing and the people you meet will love having something made in the USA. Note: If you prefer 6 assorted cards, just email your choices to me or visit my Etsy shop for lots of choices.

Bookmarks also take up hardly any space in your suitcase and you can give them to those helpful people you meet on your travels. Check out my website to find just the right ones for your trip. I will gladly customize the text at your request - no extra charge!

Who inspired this idea?

A few years ago, I received an order from Olivia, a high school student who was going to be spending a few weeks in China. She purchased 40 bookmarks to give to her host family and the people she expected to meet.

I'm thrilled that my bookmarks are making their way to various parts of the world!

pressed flower art bookmarks from Vermont pressed flowers

Want a larger gift?

Check out my original pressed flower art. They are available as originals or prints and can fit in your suitcase, too!

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