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Microfleur Flower Press

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Inevitably, at a show or an exhibit I am asked how I get my flowers so perfectly flat and the colors so vibrant. The answer to both questions is the Microfleur!

For years I had been pressing flowers the traditional way: in between absorbent pieces of paper and then put under weight for several weeks. The results were inconsistent but mostly less than terrific. Too often the flowers were a bit wrinkled and lacking in color.

About ten years ago I was introduced to the microfleur, a microwave flower press, and I immediately became hooked. Pressing flowers, ferns, leaves and stems in a microwave with this ingenuous gadget is simple, quick and the results are truly amazing. The plant material comes out completely flat, stiff and wrinkle free and the rapid drying keeps the color of flowers so vibrant. Best of all, it takes only seconds and minutes for plant material to be dried and ready to use! Flower pressing is certain to be a success when using the microfleur!

The microfleur kit comes with 2 hard plastic platens, 2 wool felt pads, 2 cotton liners, clips and a guide booklet. It is available in two sizes: 5 x 5" and 9 x 9". It is a perfect gift for gardeners, children, botany students and anyone who wants to preserve and create with pressed flowers. To purchase a Microfleur go to my Flower Presses page.

Happy pressing!

Microfleur, a microwaveable flower press
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