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New Cards for 2016

Check out some new pressed flower cards for 2016. You may have seen these arrangements as an original framed piece or as a print but now they are available as notecards. All cards are reproductions from original designs made with Vermont pressed flowers. The cards are available in packages of 6 identical cards, but remember, you can easily order 6 assorted cards by emailing your selections to Ellie

"Cosmos and Bluebells" This sonata cosmos is accompanied by lavender, phlox, foam flower, Virgina bluebells and forget-me-nots. It's a perfect card to send to friends just to let them know you are thinking of them.

"Jacob's Ladder" is an early spring flower that thrives in moist soil and shade. This simple arrangement is just the right card for a note of healing or condolence.

August Garden pressed flower card from Vermont Pressed Flowers

"August Garden" An array of summer flowers, including dahlia, cosmos, delphinium, gerbena daisy, comprise this colorful garden. A handwritten note on this cheerful card will certainly brighten the recipient's day.,

Hollyhock card from Vermont Pressed Flowers

"Hollyhock" As a symbol, hollyhock flowers generally represent abundance and fertility. These blossoms are frequently given to new or soon-to-be new mothers – generally to wish her luck in bearing a child, or to welcome the birth itself.

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