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Open Studio Tour

These booklets should start appearing in businesses, libraries, chambers of commerce, and other public places all over Vermont. In this booklet you'll find directions to and information about 239 craftspeople, artists and galleries who are participating in the 22nd annual Open Studio Weekend sponsored by the Vermont Crafts Council.

Open Studio Weekend is a celebration of the creative process and the work spaces of Vermont visual artists who welcome you behind the scenes during these two days. It is an opportunity for the public to visit the places where artists work, talk with the artists, watch demonstrations and, if you choose, purchase some exquisite handcrafted art.

Pick up one of these booklets or visit for online information to begin planning your open studio tour. It will be a wonderful way to spend Memorial Day weekend in Vermont!

If you would like more information about the Open Studios here in southern Vermont please contact me or email me at

3 booklets of the Vermont Open Studio event in 2014
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