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Pressed Flower Presentation

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Pressed flower artist Ellie Roden at WMMG symposium

I am honored to be a guest presenter at the Western Massachusetts Master Gardeners Spring Symposium next week and am really looking forward to it but with just a tiny bit of discomfort. My topic will be Pressing and Creating with Pressed Flowers. Following the presentation, I will join other vendors in the gardeners marketplace. Pressed flower cards, prints, bookmarks and original pressed flower art will be available for sale. Also, I will have Microfleurs, the amazing microwave flower press available for those who want to give microwave flower pressing a try.

While I have presented to several other garden clubs in recent years, there is something humbling and a bit intimidating about presenting to Master Gardeners. They know all the botanical names for flowers and I only know the common names. It's sort of like the difference between the NY Times and the NY Daily News. :)

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