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Pressed Flower Presentation

Press release published in the Springfield Republican newspaper:

EAST LONGMEADOW - Pressed flower artist Ellie Roden, owner of Green Mountain Pressed Flowers in Wilmington, Vt., will be the featured speaker at the East Longmeadow Garden Club on Oct. 23 at noon.

The club meets at the First Congregational Church located on the rotary at the town center.

Roden’s presentation will feature real flowers and plant materials which are delicately arranged into unique designs. The flowers featured in her artwork come from her own garden, from the woodlands and roadsides of Vermont and from the gardens of generous neighbors.

She will demonstrate her self-taught process of microwaving flowers and other plant material in seconds or minutes while preserving the vibrant, beautiful natural colors of flowers, stems and leaves. Some items will be offered for sale.

Roden has honed her talent over years of trial and error and careful observation. Her works include framed prints, bookmarks and cards.

Visitors are welcome, and the guest fee is $5. A light lunch will be served.

For more info about the event, contact Wanda, (413) 250-9607 or Judy, (413) 525-4457

Check out Ellie's other events to see where her work will be featured next.

Pressed flower card with yellow flowers

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