• Ellie Roden

Pressed Flower Presentations

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

This spring, I have been busy with presentations and exhibitions for garden clubs and master gardener symposiums. It's always a joy to speak to a group of gardeners to share my joy of creating with pressed flowers. And who could be a more captive audience than fellow gardeners?

In a one hour presentation, participants are given tips for successful flower pressing and ideas for creating with pressed flowers.

The microfleur, a microwave flower press, is introduced - my favorite method for pressing flowers.

Ideas and information for creating with pressed flowers are shared including pictures, cards, bookmarks and decorating candles.

If your organization or a group of your friends are interested in learning more about pressing and creating with pressed flowers, please contact me. I love sharing my craft and am willing to travel about 2 hours from my home in Wilmington, Vermont.

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