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The Best Way To Say Thank You

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Did you receive a great gift this holiday season?

Tell them just how much you loved it with a thoughtful, handwritten thank you note.

Pressed flower thank you note

Thank You.

Those two words are simple yet powerful. You can use them to express your gratitude for everything from the perfect gift or a favor, to a simple act of kindness, a donation, or a well-needed hug. Even if you have already said thanks, a personal note on a pressed flower notecard will show just how grateful you are.

There's no way around it: Handwritten thank you notes have a personality and warmth that computer screens lack. You can't hold an email in your hand, hang it on your fridge, or frame it for your desk. And unlike digital messages, which are quickly deleted, a handwritten note on a beautiful card will be looked at and treasured for a long time. In fact, the note can be a gift in and of itself.

When should you send a thank you note?

A thank you note should be sent within a week to ten days of an event or receipt of a gift, but it's never too late to say thank you.

What occasions warrant a thank you note?

  • When you receive a gift in your business, personal, or professional life.

  • When you have enjoyed someone's hospitality in their home.

  • If someone has invited you to an event, or hosted an event in your honor.

  • To show gratitude for sympathy cards, flowers, or charitable donations made in memory of a loved one.

  • When someone has done a big favor for you, such as helping you move or painting your porch.

A good thank you note doesn't need to be long - just a few sentences to express your gratitude. The recipient will be thrilled to open up the card and see that you went the extra mile to say thank you.

So next time you want to send someone a little bit of gratitude and a whole lot of joy, why not send a personal thank you?

At Vermont Pressed Flowers, we sell dozens of pressed flower notecards. We have 6-packs, an assorted package and custom cards available.

pressed flower notecards by Ellie Roden

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