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We Have a New Name!

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Vermont Pressed Flowers

It's the name we wanted from the start, but when we kicked off the business in 2004, it wasn't available. Now it is!

(NOTE: Our URL has not changed.)

In addition to our brand new name, we also have some new pressed flower cards and original pieces of pressed flower art. Two of them are featured below:

Pressed flower art, 4 o'clocks | VT Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flour O'Clocks

I picked and pressed these 3 Four O'Clocks from my garden this past summer. They are so named because they open in late afternoon or early evening. The flowers are fragrant with both a lemony and sweet scent which attracts hummingbirds.

It was so easy to press these Four O'clock flowers and their leaves in my Microfleur flower press. They kept their vibrant colors and came out wrinkle free.

I added cucumber tendrils to this piece to add interest and balance. The flowers are glued on to a slightly textured, 110lb Strathmore pastelle paper. The piece is in a double white, acid free mat and a beautiful silver frame.

You can see more original pieces here.

Four Leaf Clover, pressed flower art by Ellie Roden

Pressing a Four Leaf Clover

Need to send someone a good luck message? Here's the perfect card! These 3 Four Leaf Clovers were given to me by a neighbor who found them in her yard.

The cards are deal for any occasion; a thank you note, a congratulatory note, wishing someone good luck or simply a friendly message to say "I"m thinking about you." They are great for framing and a package of 6 cards makes a great gift.

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