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A Gathering of Flowers - and Friends

Sometimes a workshop can just as rewarding and fun for the presenter as it is for the participants. That was the case at a recent flower pressing workshop I held for 8 delightful women. These women belong to a book club and had recently read The Language of Flowers. As a follow-up, they scheduled a 2-hour workshop at my home and studio here in southern Vermont.

It's a Small World

When we introduced ourselves I was beyond excited to learn the group was from Wallingford CT, a town in which I have many close family ties, and where I taught 1st grade for 4 years prior to moving to Vermont in 1970. Some of the women had even worked in the same school shortly after I had left and knew many of the staff members with whom I worked in the early days of my teaching career. It was so wonderful to exchange stories and news about people who were so important to me at that stage of my life.

tips for successful flower pressing

Getting Down to Business

After we caught up on all our common acquaintances, we dove into the task at hand. An introduction and some important tips for successful flower pressing were presented. I taught the participants which flowers are best for pressing and the optimal time of day and year for picking different flower varieties.

microwave flower press by Microfleur

The Microfleur

As part of the workshop, I gave the women an overview of traditional pressing methods and taught them how I use a microwave for flower pressing. I explained the many benefits of pressing with a Microfleur (a microwave flower press) and then showed examples of different ways to use pressed flowers.

Time to Create Art with Pressed Flowers

flower pressing workshop with Ellie Roden

Then it was time for the women to begin creating their own pressed flower art. Everyone was provided with leaves, flowers, and ferns that I had pressed in advance. I also provided glue, brushes, and paper of varying sizes for making cards and/or bookmarks. As the women began working, the room suddenly became so quiet. It was so interesting to see the designs and arrangements they were so intently creating.

pressing flowers in Vermont

Hopefully, everyone went home with a better understanding of the process of pressing flowers and with some finished pieces they can enjoy for a long time to come. Some of the women took home Microfleurs so they can continue the joy of flower pressing and creating with pressed flowers for many more years.

You too can create a pressed flower masterpiece in just two hours. Better yet, gather a few friends and make it a group workshop. (Sipping wine while working is permitted!)

Want to Schedule a Workshop?

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