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Turn Your Bridal Bouquet into a Work of Art

Let me turn your bridal bouquet into a work of pressed flower art that you will cherish for years to come.

preserved bridal bouquets by Vermont Pressed Flowers

Here's what I do:

I will carefully disassemble the bouquet and press the individual flowers, leaves and stems in a microfleur - a microwave flower press. The rapid drying in the microfleur helps to retain the vibrant colors of the flowers.

When all the plant material is dried, I will arrange the flowers into an artistic design and carefully glue them to a quality, acid free paper.

A clear acrylic sealer will be applied to the finished pressed flower piece to protect against moisture and UV rays. The piece is now ready for framing.

Examples of Pressed Bridal Bouquets:

preserved bridal flowers become pressed flower art.

Sarah's Bouquet

Sarah wanted her flowers to be in a 14 x 18 frame with a double white mat. A small selection of flowers from her bouquet was used so the piece would not look cramped and crowded.

Sarah opted to have the piece come with a mat but will get the framing done herself. She and her husband will have this pressed flower keepsake to enjoy for decades.

A Surprise for the Bride

Pressed flowers - preserved bridal bouquet

Unbeknownst to the bride, Lauren, the mother of the bride, brought her daughter's bridal bouquet to me with full permission to arrange in any way I chose. The white lisianthus and accompanying flowers pressed beautifully but looked unexciting on a white background.

We choose a black, gently textured paper which makes the flowers pop out. Lauren was thrilled with the finished piece and was sure her daughter will be excited to have this pressed flower art hanging in her new home.

Would you like your wedding bouquet transformed and preserved as a one-of-a-kind pressed flower art? Here's how:

  1. Contact me in advance of your wedding date.

  2. Decide what size of piece you would like. We will then discuss cost.

  3. Arrange to have the bouquet brought to me ASAP after the event.

  4. I will create a beautiful piece of pressed flower art from your bouquet!

And remember, it doesn't have to be a bridal bouquet. Flowers from any special event in your life can be turned into lasting pressed flower art.

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1 commento

05 feb 2019

I love your work. I too, do Pressed flowers and have for 50 years, doing many art shows and in the Dallas Mkt, K.c. mkt and Minn. mkt.

Mi piace
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